This is what happens when you get so excited at the thought of no longer cracking your skull open every night on one of the seemingly endless skull-cracking corners endemic to a Cramper, when you get so excited that you just drop your shit.


Like that.

The nice thing about a muddood is that apparently it’s not at all hard to upright. The not-so-nice thing? Apparently, a million 80-pound bags of concrete is just a few too many.


  1. Dominique

    Nice shot! Looks brutally modern and bucolic at the same time – actually kind of hard to get! Re: million bags – lift with the legs…of others if possible, and not the back of self…Hope all the veggies are making themselves known!

  2. s.

    Hello, Internet. This is The Native commenting.

    This post should actually read “I didn’t do it. I don’t know anything about it. I wasn’t even there.”

    None of the text in the post is vaguely factual, though the picture speaks volumes itself.

    No bags of concrete were harmed in the inversion of this particular mud dood. The mud dood was easily righted by pushing on the ROPS.

    The accident was caused by a broken clutch band on the reverse gear of the mud dood. The person responsible for breaking said clutch band will continue to go unnamed, so long as she watches her temper and ceases completely divorcing poetic license from observable fact.

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